From Intention to Reinvention

By Joe Dispenza — 2018

We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or we can learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration. In truth, we’re divinely wired to be the creators of our lives. - Joe Dispenza

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The 9 Stages of Spiritual Self-Realization

When we lose sight of the importance of Self-Realization, our spiritual paths are nothing but one distraction after another.

Dismantle the Memory of the Old You and Become the New You

Thus, you have to ask yourself, “Is this thought true, or is it just what I think and believe while I am feeling this way? If I act on this impulse, will it lead me to the same result in my life?”

Better Than Before: Making and Keeping Resolutions

In Better Than Before, writer Gretchen Rubin—author of the mega-bestseller, The Happiness Project—challenges us to re-think all the expert advice we’ve ever been given about making and breaking habits. Because, she says, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

What's Your Archetype? (And Why It Matters)

It is one of the tenets of being human that we are all inclined to “be” a certain way—and then cling to that identity.

15 Ways to Get Someone Out of Your Head

How can we stop being caught up in other people’s thoughts? How can we stop thinking about a person or situation—what we should have or could have done differently—when the same thoughts keep looping back, rewinding, and playing through our minds again and again?

8 Ways People Recover From Post Childhood Adversity Syndrome

Cutting-edge research tells us that experiencing childhood emotional trauma can play a large role in whether we develop physical disease in adulthood. In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the growing scientific link between childhood adversity and adult physical disease.

The Saint, The Murderer, All Of It

In his poetry, Li-Young Lee tackles fundamental themes—the presence (or absence) of God, the nature of identity, the meaning of beauty—with a childlike wonder that, though it may seem naive at first, is profound in its piercing clarity.

Diamond Approach Inquiry: Discovering Inner Freedom

We can temporarily push our ego away or try to rearrange our personality to be happier, freer, or more realized. But ego comes back. And that’s where Diamond Approach inquiry comes in. We all have awareness and inquiry helps us harness awareness to dissolve ego instead of pushing it away.

Self Realization – Get to Know Yourself

Self-realization is an ideal way to reconnect with oneself. It is a process of soul nurturance when you do not think of yourself as a physical body, but an embodiment of joyous consciousness with divine energy.

How to Motivate Yourself to Change

Change is hard, but it’s possible. Use motivational interviewing techniques to build your confidence, and take the plunge.