Appreciating Your Body

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There is life beyond the mirror and the scale. It is a journey—one that, luckily, has many guides.

For far too long, we’ve been taught that it’s okay—normal, in fact—to feel dissatisfied with our natural shapes, to believe that our bodies can and must be molded, by any means necessary, into unrealistic forms. It’s an issue that has only gained steam with the rise of digital retouching, tuning apps, and filters. But enough is enough. Can we learn to hang up our hang-ups, and accept and appreciate our bodies exactly as they are? Trust that there is life beyond the mirror and the scale? It is a journey—one that, luckily, has many guides. As the writer Geneen Roth asked, “What would it be like if you treated yourself as if there was no one in the world who deserved your love more than you?”


Key Shift 1: Loving Your Body


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