Overcoming Overwhelm

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Before resigning yourself to the belief that stress is just the contemporary condition, consider that a calm mind and clear head are within reach, with just a few adjustments.

Modern life is not for the faint of heart. Between family, friends, careers, and mental and physical health, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of needs to prioritize. Which is all to say: no wonder you feel like you're burning the candle at both ends, with nothing left to spare. But before resigning yourself to the belief that stress is just the contemporary condition, consider that a calm mind and clear head are within reach, with just a few adjustments. Here’s to breathing a bit easier and finding some peace.


How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Right Now - Mel Robbins

In this video, I'm going to teach you a "magic trick" that I use almost every day. Why's it magic? Because of what it makes disappear. Yup, using a pitcher of water, a mason jar, and a piece of paper, I will show you a trick that makes overwhelm vanish. I call it a "brain dump.


How to Cope with Feeling Unfocused or Overwhelmed—Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss shares tips on how to cope with feeling unfocused or overwhelmed.

Three Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm

Everyone hates overwhelm–it leaves you feeling stressed out and often paralyzed (which just makes the overwhelm worse). But once you’re stuck in it, how do you get out and get to a point where you can start taking action again?


An Introduction to Lovingkindness Meditation from Sharon Salzberg and 10% Nicer

You can be brilliant and courageous, and kind and generous-In fact, you're more likely to succeed if you practice compassion.

How to Overcome Stress by Seeing Other People’s Joy

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t cut yourself off from other people, says Kelly McGonigal. Instead, double down on your capacity for connection.


10 Minute Meditation for Calming Down with Ruth King

Take a pause and join dharma teacher Ruth King for this short 10 minute guided meditation practice for calming down from anxiety and fear. Use this short guided meditation practice whenever you need to let go of anxiety and cultivate inner peace.

Finding True Refuge

It’s hard to hang out with the truth of what we’re feeling. We may sincerely intend to pause and be mindful whenever a crisis arises or whenever we feel stuck and confused, but our conditioning to react, escape, or become possessed by emotion is very strong.


How to S.T.O.P. Toxic Tendencies — Rhonda V. Magee

Dan Harris talks to Rhonda Magee about how to interrupt toxic tendencies in the mind and in culture.

3 Ways to Get Better at Dealing with Change

When things are at their worst, we have the chance to be at our best. When an epic freakout emerges and we’re starting to beat ourselves up, what we need is a quick mental shift. That’s the essence of resilience


Sylvia Boorstein: Wish Yourself Well

Build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis

Mindfulness experts Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter show, by way of the Buddhist parable of the second arrow, how the mind’s response to crisis is a choice we can control.

How to Be a Stoic

The first line of Epictetus’ manual of ethical advice, the Enchiridion—“Some things are in our control and others not”—made me feel that a weight was being lifted off my chest.

Three Methods for Working with Chaos

Pema Chödrön describes three ways to use our problems as the path to awakening and joy: go to the places that scare you, use poison as medicine, and regard what arises as awakened energy.