The Inner Goddess Activation

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Discover the secret path to awakening Shakti — the mystical and sacred energy within you.

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The Dangerous Old Woman - Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés's international bestseller Women Who Run With the Wolves empowered millions with its "saga of the gifted soul.‚" But that was only the beginning.

The Feminine Fire Empowerment

Ignite your primal feminine energies to create a life aligned with your inner truths and powered by aliveness, creativity, and love. Master practices to awaken your ability to break through outdated beliefs, self-sabotage, and cultural expectations to live with more clarity, courage, and compassion.

The Fierce Feminine

Deepen in the courageous gifts of the Fierce Feminine to cut through denial and illusion, speak and act from wisdom, and help birth a new future for all. Discover your liberated power to stand for truth, justice, and love and guide humanity out of an unprecedented “Dark Night.”

Liberating the Goddesses in You

Reveal Your Life’s Purpose, Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Become the Woman You Were Destined to Be By Accessing Your Inner Goddess Archetypes

Awakening Your Shakti

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not tapped into your true vitality? Doing and giving so much that there’s no room for you? Is the juicy, adventurous passion that makes life so pleasurable buried under a mound of obligations and “to-do” lists?

The Feminine Soul Initiation

Expand into Greater Presence, Passion and Purpose

Ageless Goddess Online Course - 8 Lesson video Course

Growing older is inevitable, but making the decision to stay fully active and engaged in life is a choice. Dr. Northrup's new online course, Ageless Goddess, incorporates women's health and wellness that expands well beyond emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - An Owner’s Guide to Flourishing in Your Body for a Lifetime

The female body is one of the most powerful and mystical things in the world. Women cycle with the moon and the tides, produce and nourish new life, and possess a deep well of fertility and creativity.

Warrior Goddess Online Training - Becoming the Woman You are Meant to Be

This practice-intensive experience merges the Toltec values of fearless self-reflection and determination, Buddhist insights for finding clarity and presence, and Earth-based goddess principles of pleasure, creative play, and unconditional love.

Untie the Strong Woman

The Blessed Mother appears to us in many guises and disguises. No matter what visage, no matter what part of the world, she comes to us in our need with irresistible strength and inexhaustible love. Join Dr.


Sacred Feminine