Arnold Mindell

Arnold Mindell, MS, PhD, is an American therapist, author, and founder of Process-Oriented Psychology, a form of transpersonal psychology. He is known for his blend of quantum physics, dream analysis, bodywork, shamanism, and Jungian therapy called Processwork.


Conflict's Four Phases in Five Minutes

Conflict is natural and can be processed.

Dreambody: The Body’s Role in Revealing the Self

Dreambody is the foundational introduction to process oriented psychology, by its founder Arnold Mindell, an MIT Physicist and Jungian Analyst. The Dreambody bridges the gaps between depth psychology, somatic psychology, spirituality, and energy-based mind-body practices.

Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology

Arnold Mindell is the founder of a new school of therapy called Process-Oriented Psychology and is known throughout the world for his innovative synthesis of dreams, bodywork, Jungian therapy, group process, consciousness studies, shamanism, quantum physics, and small and large group conflict resolu...

The Quantum Mind and Healing: How to Listen and Respond to Your Body’s Symptoms

It is not a stretch to say that The Quantum Mind and Healing is quite probably Mindell's most important and best work yet. In it, Mindell explains that you can use the discoveries of quantum physics to access your body's own intelligence and self-healing abilities.

The Shaman’s Body: A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and the Community

Mindell, the author of “Dreambody” (1982) and an experienced shaman who has encountered African, Native American, Australian aboriginal, and Indian Hindu healers firsthand, outlines the process of accessing one’s “dreambody'” and developing a shamanic approach to everyday life.

Earth-Based Psychology: Path Awareness from the Teachings of Don Juan, Richard Feynman, and Lao Tse

This new spiritual guide defines, explores, and applies earth-based psychology and the related idea of path awareness—the ability to sense where to turn at any given moment.

The Leader as Martial Artist: Techniques and Strategies for Revealing Conflict and Creating Community

Deep democracy, the inherent importance of all parts of ourselves and all viewpoints in the world around us, is introduced as the concept that facilitates conflicts in relationships, communities, and the world.

The Deep Democracy of Open Forums: Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World

Most of us are terrified of conflict, says Arnold Mindell, PhD, author of fifteen books and internationally recognized for his innovative synthesis of Jungian therapy, dreams, and bodywork. But we needn't be.

Dance of the Ancient One: How the Universe Solves Personal and World Problems

In his latest book, Mindell expands on his earlier concept of the processmind as he develops the notion of space–time dreaming or “dance of the ancient one” in his rigorous efforts toward the elucidation of a ToE (or theory of everything).


Arnold Mindell: Process Psychology and Your Dream Body (Excerpt from Thinking Allowed DVD with Jeffrey Mishlove)

Dr. Mindell provides an overview of process psychology and its relationship to the ancient Chinese concept of the Tao. He describes his approach as a "meta-psychology" which incorporates dreamwork, bodywork, relationship work, movement, family systems, spirituality, and global work.


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