Carol S. Pearson

Carol S. Pearson, DMin, is an American author and educator. Her theories and models on archetypes build on the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung, psychoanalyst James Hillman, mythologist Joseph Campbell, and other depth psychologists. She is the creator of the 12-Archetype System that led to the development of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment.

The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By

A modern classic of Jungian psychology, The Hero Within has helped hundreds of thousands of people enrich their lives by revealing how to tap the power of the archetypes that exist within. Drawing from literature, anthropology, and psychology, author Carol S.

The Hero Within

Some of the stories we live are archetypal, and thus could provide us with a greater sense of meaning, mattering, and purpose if we were aware of them.

What Stories Are You Living? Discover Your Archetypes—Transform Your Life!

Renowned archetype expert Carol S. Pearson guides you through the journey of discovering and understanding the archetypes active in your life.

The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-first Century

Based on three years of study into the topic of transformational leadership, this is a definitive guide to becoming a leader for positive change.

Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World

In this bold and original work, Carol S. Pearson shows that the heroic quest isn't just for certain people under special circumstances.

Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

In this empowering work, Carol S.


What Stories Are You Living; Discover Your Archetypes—Transform Your Mind (Part 1 of 2)

Carol S. Pearson is an American author, educator, innovator and consultant . She develops new theories and models with an applied practical bent, building on the work of psychiatrist C.G. Jung, psychoanalyst James Hillman, mythologist Joseph Campbell, and other depth psychologists.

The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes

A brand’s meaning―how it resonates in the public heart and mind―is a company’s most valuable competitive advantage. Yet, few companies really know how brand meaning works, how to manage it, and how to use brand meaning strategically. Written by best-selling author Carol S.