Chelsey Luger

Chelsey Luger is an American journalist, wellness advocate, and fitness instructor of Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Standing Rock Lakota Sioux heritage. Luger is the cofounder of Well For Culture, a grassroots initiative that takes proactive approaches in addressing health care issues for Native American people while promoting holistic indigenous wellness knowledge and solution-based ideas.


Pregnancy Fitness ** Mobility Training ** 3rd Trimester

Movement is Medicine. Mobility training keeps your hips open, blood flowing, and muscles moving-ALL very important while pregnant and for labor. As you can see, nothing here is super strenuous, but it is all very effective if done consistently.

What Do We Owe Indigenous America?

We’ve also learned that, unlike other Americans who have had crimes committed against them, Native people, historically and today, have had little success seeking reparations in court.

Tackling Opioid Addiction in Indian Country

Per capita, Native American people are more likely than any other race to suffer from opioid addiction. In recent months, hundreds of cities, states and counties in the U.S.

Before You Try to Decolonize Your Diet, Read This

Contrary to popular belief, the genocide of indigenous peoples did not occur simply because of their inability to resist European pathogens and American military aggression, but also because invading populations destroyed their food systems, leading to starvation, ecological disruption, and devastat...

The Truth About Indigenous Wellness, From a Native American Perspective

Many of us grew up facing racism and discrimination for practicing our culture and simply being Indigenous.

Hey, Victoria’s Secret: Cultural Appropriation Isn’t Hot. It’s Wrong.

Cultural appropriation in fashion plays a huge role in the continued dismissal of indigenous cultures as primitive, dismisses indigenous people as playthings, and perpetuates the idea that we are relics of the past.

Why Modern Indigenous Parents Are Turning to Traditional Pregnancy Practices

Like many other First Nations and Native American parents of our generation across Canada and the USA, we are doing everything we can to reclaim culturally significant pregnancy and birthing practices.

Women’s History Month (And American History Itself) Rarely Includes Indigenous Women—And That’s a Problem

Most public schools in the U.S. teach shamefully little about Indigenous history, and the contributions of Indigenous women remain notably left out.


Your Hair Talks. Make a Statement. | Bold Women Ep 1: Chelsey Luger

“We take pride in our hair because it represents our nations and our blood.” – Chelsey Luger.

5 Indigenous Women Asserting the Modern Matriarchy

They’re reclaiming the tradition of female leadership and turning the old, white, male-dominated perspective of history on its head.