Don Hanlon Johnson

Don Hanlon Johnson is an American researcher, author, teacher, and pioneer in the study of somatics: how transformative body practices can enhance personal and social change and how they can impair it. He places emphasis on creating collaboration among communities that otherwise stand isolated from each other. His work is grounded in philosophy, mind-body studies, self-cultivation in a world of social change, spirituality, and human yearning.


Emilie's Legacy Series Pt 1: Don Hanlon Johnson - Uncontaminated Creative Juices

In this episode, Somatic Pioneer Don Hanlon Johnson shares his thoughts on Emilie's legacy and contribution to the field of Somatics.

Body, Spirit, and Democracy

Body, Spirit and Democracy addresses how can we, of different ethical values, spiritual commitments, and ethnic backgrounds, work together to create a more humane world.

Bone, Breath, and Gesture: Practices of Embodiment

This book is a collection of writings on principles and techniques by the pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines. Together, they represent a historical record of the field of somatics.

Diverse Bodies, Diverse Practices: Toward an Inclusive Somatics

The notion of “body” that underlies most available writings about somatic theories and practices often assumes a universal normality of structure and function that has now come into question.


Embodiment and Psychology with Don Hanlon Johnson, Dr Albert Wong, and Dr Christine Caldwell

Johnson, Wong and Caldwell have a group discussion about somatics and mind-body-spirit connections.

Everyday Hopes, Utopian Dreams: Reflections on American Ideals

Finding his idealism challenged by the reactionary forces that have proliferated in the post-9/11 world, Don Hanlon Johnson felt a need to recover more sober visions of hope amid the many reasons for despair and cynicism.

Body-Work and Being. The Deeper Significance of Somatics

I suddenly knew that the mechanical reactions of my muscles and guts were my personality; that my soul, in fact, lay there writhing to break out of those rigid bonds. - Don Hanlon Johnson


Body Practices in Community Bonds

Don Hanlon Johnson elucidates the role of body practices in cultivating the bonds of various kinds of community.


03. Don Hanlon Johnson #1


Role of Somatics

Don Hanlon Johnson on the role of Somatics in the current situation


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