Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is an American clothing designer and founder of the women’s clothing brand Eileen Fisher, Inc. Her company is an environmental leader for sustainability, creating fabrics from organic and recycled sources with a goal of eliminating textile waste entirely. Fisher regularly funnels income from her business ventures to programs funding women in business and leadership development for young women.


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Byron and Eileen explore the roots of anxiety in assumptions, judgements, and beliefs.

Eileen Fisher Wants Those Clothes Back When You're Done

At an early stage in her 34-year-old company, Fisher said she and her co-workers grew alarmed at the environmental toll of clothing manufacturing — from depleted farm fields to dye pollution in rivers.


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The founder of the apparel company talks about how much personal growth leaders should demand - of employees and themselves.


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Eileen asks Byron to talk about how her inquiry-based work relates to the body. In her answer, Byron provides a brief introduction to her powerful 4-question process.


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The Peru Chronicles: The Story of Alpacas and Sustainable Farming from Eileen Fisher

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“The next generation of designers are the future of the industry,” said (Eileen) Fisher.


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Join Eileen Fisher, renowned Founder and Chairwoman of the conscious company EILEEN FISHER, Inc. interviewed here by Raphael Bemporad, Founding Partner of BBMG and an expert in cause marketing, purpose-driven brand strategy and sustainability.

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Vintage is one of the only growth areas in retail—and that is good, according to founder of eponymous clothing brand.


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Eileen Fisher explains how she listens to her team attentively in order to lead more effectively.


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