Emiliana Simon-Thomas

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, is an American psychologist and educator who is dedicated to understanding the neuroscience and psychology of compassion, kindness, gratitude, and other pro-social behaviors. She has been involved in the Greater Good Science Center’s Expanding Gratitude project, and her work continues to spotlight the science that connects health and happiness to social affiliation, caregiving, and collaborative relationships, and the outcomes of living a more meaningful life.

Where Does Kindness Come From?

A new study fuses methods from several different branches of science to reveal the forces that shape kindness.

Do We Have an Instinctive Urge to Be Kind?

When someone needs help, what is your first impulse?

Does Happiness Really Help You Live Longer?

A new study contradicts prior research by suggesting that a happy life isn’t necessarily a longer one. But a closer look reveals that there’s more to the story.

Three Insights from the Cutting Edge of Compassion Research

A recent gathering of compassion researchers reveals new discoveries about how and why humans help each other.

This Ridiculously Simple Change to How You Say Thank You Will Make It Much More Effective

UC Berkeley's Emiliana Simon-Thomas says "Gratitude 1-2-3" has big benefits for both you and those you thank.


Emiliana Simon-Thomas: The Science of Happiness vs. Sustained Happiness

At the October 20, 2015, UC Berkeley Extension HR/Learning Advisory Board Symposium, Greater Good Science Center science director Emiliana Simon-Thomas talks about the science behind "sustained happiness."

The Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science

How do we define compassion? Is it an emotional state, a motivation, a dispositional trait, or a cultivated attitude? How does it compare to altruism and empathy? Chapters in this Handbook present critical scientific evidence about compassion in numerous conceptions.

How Happy Are People at Work?

Results from the newest Greater Good quiz reveal where there's room for improvement in happiness at work.

Which Factors Shape Our Empathy?

We analyzed answers to our empathy quiz—and discovered some interesting correlations.

Three Things I Learned from Teaching Happiness

Emiliana Simon-Thomas shares the key truths about happiness that are most meaningful to learners.


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