Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and teacher in the fields of personal growth, relationship transformation, and body/mind therapies. He conducts workshops with his wife, Kathlyn (Katie) Hendricks. They cofounded the Hendricks Institute, which teaches core skills for conscious living and loving, and together have written twelve books.

Conscious Luck: Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune

Change Your Luck and Live a Charmed Life! What if you could create your own luck? What if living a charmed life―being lucky in love, lucky in money, lucky in your chosen work―was within your control? The good news is that it’s all entirely possible . . .

Your Greatest Barrier to Attracting Love

We spend years running from the unlovable parts of ourselves. But if we learn to confront them and embrace them, enormous shifts can happen -- and very quickly.

Finding Joe

A truly inspirational film, Finding Joe explores the studies of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell. Take a journey through the human psyche and discover the pattern hidden in every story.

The highest goal of spirituality is Self-realization, but what does that mean? It means to feel your Self as a living reality in this moment, and there is always only this moment.

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

With over 100,000 copies sold, New York Times bestselling author Gay Hendricks demonstrates how to go beyond your internal limits, release outdated fears and learn a whole new set of powerful skills and habits to liberate your authentic greatness.

Relationship Epidemic: Shutting Out Body Wisdom

Most of us struggle at one time or another with an inability to feel what’s going on inside us at the level of emotion and energy flow. The technical term for this problem is “alexithymia.”

The Corporate Mystic: A Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground

Who will succeed in the twenty-first century? Today’s creative business leaders already know the answer, and it’s not about cutting overhead, downsizing, or meeting next quarter’s budget.

There’s no such thing as a minor lapse of awareness. You’re either present with what is—right here, right now—or you’re someplace else.

What Wedding Vows and Other Commitments Get Wrong

When you are not emotionally transparent, it creates a negative domino effect. You build up resentment and start acting differently towards your partner, which in turn creates distance in your relationship.

Conscious Breathing: Breathwork for Health, Stress Release, and Personal Mastery

Conscious Breathing draws on more than twenty years of research and practice to present a simple yet comprehensive program that can be used every day to improve energy, mental clarity, and physical health. As the essential life-force of the body, the breath influences how we feel on every level.


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