Jean Shinoda Bolen on environmental justice

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Jean Shinoda Bolen
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Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People Can Save the Planet

The book will appeal most to people who realize that they are “tree people.” It is poetic, educational, inspirational, spiritual, and down to earth, covering the subject of trees from anatomy and physiology to trees as archetypal and sacred symbols.

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Voices of Women - Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Author, "Like a Tree"

With her latest book "Like A Tree," Jean Shinoda Bolen talks about "how trees, women and tree people can save the Planet." It grew out of best selling author's practice of walking among tall trees and mourning the loss of a Monterey pine that was cut down in her neighborhood.

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See Jane Do: Jean Shinoda Bolen

Jean is working toward a 5th World Conference to make a major step toward a change in planetary consciousness through the active involvement of women at every level of society.

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