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Researching Psychedelics and DMT with Rick Strassman

Here he describes the process of setting up a program to research the psychedelic drug, DMT, at the University of New Mexico. It took two years to obtain the required permissions, as there had been a twenty year hiatus in psychedelic research on human subjects.

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Psychedelics and Spirituality with Rick Strassman

Here he describes how he was an active Buddhist meditator for twenty years while he was also engaged in DMT research. Eventually he left Buddhist practice, and began a deep study of the Hebrew Bible. Initially, he thought that the DMT "spirit molecule" might be responsible for spiritual experiences.

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Terence McKenna—Complete Program—Hallucinogens & Culture—Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

Hallucinogenic substances have been instrumental in the foundation of many aspects of our cultural heritage. In this challenging program, McKenna suggests ways in which hallucinogenic plants have been associated with spiritual traditions in ancient India, in the Amazon and in medieval Europe.

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