Joseph M. Marshall III

Joseph M. Marshall III is a Native American historian, writer, educator, and storyteller raised on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. He has authored many books (including The Journey of Crazy Horse and The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for the Living) and founded the Sinte Gleska University. Marshall has lectured across the United States on storytelling and Native American beliefs and traditions and has acted in a number of television programs.


Keep Going by Joseph Marshall III

Keep Going is a compilation of spiritual insights and advice given over a period of years by my maternal grandfather. I wrote this piece during a particular difficult time to remind myself of these profound words to find the strength to keep going

On Behalf of the Wolf and the First Peoples

An important book for those who love the West and are concerned about the natural world and the sacredness. It addresses issues common to contemporary Native Americans, such as the definition of "Indian art" and the stereotypical Indian portrayed in film.

Connection and Empowerment for Native People: The Teachings of the Bow and Arrow

Most Americans think of the bow and arrow as a tool for hunting or sports. But writer and craftsman Joseph Marshall III has always seen the bow and arrow as a source of spiritual guidance.

Finding Joe

A truly inspirational film, Finding Joe explores the studies of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell. Take a journey through the human psyche and discover the pattern hidden in every story.


Joseph Marshall - the Wisdom of Our Grandparents

The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn: A Lakota History

An account of the legendary battle, told from a Lakota perspective, documents key Lakota oral traditions to reveal the nuanced complexities that led up to and followed the conflict.


Joseph Marshall III - Essential Understanding #5

Mr. Marshall responds to Oceti Sakowin Essential Understanding Five which states "History told from the Oceti Sakowin perspective, through oral tradition and written accounts, frequently conflicts with the stories mainstream historians tell and becomes subjective information.

To You We Shall Return: Lessons About Our Planet from the Lakota

“Grandmother, you who listen and hear all, you from whom all good things come…It is your embrace we feel when we return to you…” This traditional Lakota prayer to Grandmother Earth opens Joseph Marshall III's newest work, a meditation on our connection to the land and an exhortation to re...


Joseph Marshall III- Essential Understanding #7

Mr. Marshall responds to Oceti Sakowin Essential Understanding Seven which states "The essential philosophy of the Oceti Sakowin wicoun (way of life) is based on the values of the Oceti Sakowin which has created resiliency of the Oyate.

The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living—Native American Wisdom on Ethics and Character

Rich with storytelling, history, and folklore, The Lakota Way expresses the heart of Native American philosophy and reveals the path to a fulfilling and meaningful life.


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