Joseph Tafur on intergenerational trauma

Below are the best resources we could find featuring joseph tafur about intergenerational trauma.

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Joseph Tafur: Epigenetics and the House of Spirits

An introduction to epigenetics and their potential role in shamanic and spiritual healing, discussed further in Dr. Tafur's book.

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Is Psychedelic Healing in Your Genes? A Team of Scientists Seeks to Find Out

Dr. Joe Tafur and the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project seek to understand the impact of psychedelics on intergenerational and cultural trauma.

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Treating the Trauma in Our Genes with Dr. Joe Tafur

I sat down with Dr. Joe Tafur to discuss his book, the role of our emotions in our physical health, the effect of trauma on our genes, and the potential for psychedelics to heal our genes.

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