Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine (1908–2003) was a British poet, critic, and scholar with particular attention to the works of William Blake, W. B. Yeats, and Thomas Taylor. She was also known for her interest in Platonism and Neoplatonism, along with other forms of spirituality. She was a founding member of the Temenos Academy, an educational charity in London that aims to offer education in philosophy and the arts in the sacred traditions of East and West.


Kathleen Raine - Nature, the House of the Soul


That Wondrous Pattern: Essays on Poetry and Poets by Kathleen Raine - Book Chat

That Wondrous Pattern: Essays on Poetry and Poets by Kathleen Raine was published in 2017.

William Blake

Prophet, poet, painter and engraver -- Blake's uniqueness lies in no single achievement, but in the whole of what he was, which is more than the sum of all that he did.

Kathleen Raine

Singular poet who stood as a witness to spiritual values in an age that rejected them.


The poet portrays sleeping, and dreaming, as lying at the feet of a protective angel.

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Kathleen Raine was one of the most eminent literary figures of the twentieth century-as poet, scholar, and editor. During her long and distinguished career she knew many of the leading writers and artists among her contemporaries.

Kathleen Raine

An obituary for Kathleen Raine by the Scotsman that discusses her heritage and its influences on her work.

India Seen Afar

In the final volume of her autobiography, the poet describes her first visit to India, interweaving travel narrative and personal recollection with reflections on the spiritual life of the Indian people.

Kathleen Raine: The Land Unknown

The Land Unknown depicts Raine’s time at Cambridge, where she studied botany and zoology as part of her undergraduate tripos, and forms part of an ongoing series of autobiographical memoirs.

Poems and Prophecies

This is a selection of the poet's work, including all the great lyrics and the more important prophetic books. In her introduction the poet and critic expounds Blake's esoteric theory and shows how it helped to create a poetry which is unlike any other. Introduction by Kathleen Raine


William Blake