Lama Rod Owens on racism

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Lama Rod Owens
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Lama Rod Owens: The Principles of Resiliency and Self-Preservation for People of Color

Lama Rod Owens asks the question, "What is required of you to liberate yourself from your suffering? How do I restore myself so I can do liberation work and engage with community?" Authentic liberation looks different for everyone.

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Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger

White supremacy in the United States has long necessitated that Black rage be suppressed, repressed, or denied, often as a means of survival, a literal matter of life and death.

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From Radical Dharma to All About Love, a Look at Queer Black Buddhist Perspectives on Spiritual Practice in Contemporary Texts

Several queer Black Buddhist authors have showed me how spiritual practice can be a liberating force in the face of challenges as huge as racism, sexism and queerphobia.

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