Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman is an American author, coach, and teacher who uses practical approaches to create inner transformation and healing. He stresses the importance of understanding our belief systems, both as individuals and in groups, and then removing limiting and negative beliefs in order to change our reality and ourselves.

Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras

You may have seen the movies and read the books about manifestation, but your power to create your dreams still seems to be missing the mark. Don't throw in the towel yet―there's a radically new approach that may reveal the missing piece of the puzzle.

Your Beliefs Can Save Your Life!

When you discover that you can change any belief you have, regardless of where it came from, you learn that you can choose your experiences in life. You become a master, rather than a victim, of your reality.


The Struggle and Glory of Intimate Relationships - Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman

Carista Luminare, PhD and Lion Goodman share several a summary of their body of work around secure and insecure love and attachment styles.


Secure Bonding - Carista Luminare & Lion Goodman - 3 Min. Trailer

Dialogue with Carista Luminare & Lion Goodman


What Are Beliefs? A Talk by Lion Goodman

Beliefs - What are they? Where do they come from? Do beliefs really create our reality? Lion Goodman, creator of the BeliefCloset Process, explains.


Lion Goodman 1

Lion Goodman talks about self-limiting beliefs and stopping our own progress.


Lion Goodman - Can Changing Your Beliefs Change Your Life?

Coach Michael Taylor as he interviews the creator of the Clear Your Beliefs program which is designed to help you permanently remove limiting thoughts.


Conscious Evolution Summit - Lion Goodman - Teaser 1

Core believes are very experiential in this free online summit.


Schamet Horsfield Interviews Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman: COVID-19 & Conspiracy Theories

Schamet Horsfield interviews Anodea Judith (Chakra expert and Evolutionary Activist) and Lion Goodman (Belief Coach) about what is going on in the world.


Anodea Judith