Mary Pryor

Mary Pryor is the American activist and cofounder of Cannaclusive, a website that promotes inclusivity and diversity in the cannabis industry and facilitates fair representation of minority consumers. She is a vocal critic of the negative profiling of and criminal justice disparity against Black cannabis users. She works to hold businesses and consumers in cannabis accountable.


Mary on Depression, Anxiety and Grief

Mary Pryor is a social media strategist and activist in NYC. In this video, she talks about her history with depression and anxiety, and how therapy saved her life! We're super glad it did.


Can Marijuana Create a Path to Justice?

The fight to legalize marijuana has never been easy, as evidenced by the recent collapse of months-long efforts in New Jersey and New York.

Cannaclusive Pens Open Letter to the Cannabis Industry, Urging Inclusivity and Accountability

Seeking to make the industry more diverse, Mary Pryor co-founded Cannaclusive in 2017 as an effort “to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers.”


The Cannabis Industry Should Not Be Whitewashed

To celebrate 4/20, we're taking a look at what needs to change to make the cannabis industry more diverse and inclusive. We chatted with Mary Pryor, the founder of Cannaclusive, and Aaliyah Ei, a cannabis activist, about how to make sure that the whitewashing of the industry gets called out.

Cannabis Is Ripe for Building Black Wealth, Says Mary Pryor

How can black people build cannabis wealth? Cannaclusive cofounder Mary Pryor has some thoughts.

Mary Pryor Is Fighting for Inclusivity in the Cannabis Space

In an open letter published on Cannaclusive’s website, Mary Pryor addresses the weaknesses in diversity initiatives and hiring practices across the cannabis industry, making it clear that there is a lot of work to be done.

3 Black Women, Tired of the Whitewashed Weed Industry, Created 'Cannaclusive' to Rep for People of Color

After noticing that the cannabis industry was incredibly white, three black women decided to do something about it by creating their own business.


Moneyish: The Search - from Corporate to Canabis

Mary Pryor, a social media and marketing professional, is charting a new course in the cannabis industry in the fifth episode of “The Search,” a Moneyish original series about finding work.


Cannahour #2 - Mary Pryor

Marijuana legalization in VA is now more possible than ever. However, we want to make sure it is legalized right, through a racial equity lens.


Perspectives: Cannaclusive

Host, Daren Jaime sits down with Mary Prayor, the Cannabis Marketer and Co-founder of Cannaclusive to discuss the cannabis industry and more.


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