Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, PhD, is an American theoretical physicist, futurist, bestselling author, and science communicator. He is the cofounder of string field theory and regularly disseminates his work on radio, television, and film.


Michio Kaku: Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku sees two major trends today. One eventually leads to a multicultural, scientific, tolerant society that will expand beyond Earth in the name of human progress. The other trend leads to fundamentalism, monoculturalism, and - eventually - civilizational ruin.

The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind

The Future of the Mind brings a topic that once belonged solely to the province of science fiction into a startling new reality.

A Scientist Predicts the Future

When making predictions, I have two criteria: the laws of physics must be obeyed and prototypes must exist that demonstrate “proof of principle.” I’ve interviewed more than 300 of the world’s top scientists, and many allowed me into laboratories where they are inventing the future.

Beyond work and love, I would add two other ingredients that give meaning to life. First, to fulfill whatever talents we are born with. However blessed we are by fate with different abilities and strengths, we should try to develop them to the fullest, rather than allow them to atrophy and decay.


Is There Life After Death?


Michio Kaku on Alien Brains | Big Think

Ideas of aliens are usually projections of our human consciousness. When we encounter more intelligent than us they may be able to see the future better than us.


Michio Kaku: Consciousness Can Be Quantified | Big Think

One of the great questions in all of science is where consciousness comes from. When it comes to consciousness, Kaku believes different species have different levels of consciousness, based on their feedback loops needed to survive in space, society, and time.


The Future of Humanity | Michio Kaku | Talks at Google

In this talk, Kaku discusses the ground breaking first image of a black hole as well as a range of topics related to his latest book, “The Future of Humanity," in which he explores how humanity might gradually develop a sustainable civilization in outer space.


Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging | Big Think

How science is melding mind and technology.


Michio Kaku: The Future of the Mind

Michio Kaku discusses his new book at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.


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