Mother Meera

Mother Meera (born Kamala Reddy) is an Indian spiritual leader, believed by her devotees to be an embodiment (avatar) of the Divine Mother, though she does not claim to be a guru or to have followers. Her teaching is related to devotion to God, and in that tradition she accepts all denominations to her Ashram in Balduinstein, a small town in Germany.


How Do You See Paramatman (God)? Mother Meera:

A short video from Q&A, Hamburg, 31 July 2018

Bringing Down the Light: Journey of a Soul After Death

The radiant paintings in this book are watercolor depictions by Mother Meera of the after-death states. Painted after the death of her close devotee and uncle, Mr. Reddy, they record her direct perception of the subtle realms through which we all will eventually travel.

Mother of the Unseen World: The Mystery of Mother Meera

Throughout history there have been rare individuals who transcend what seems humanly possible, “enlightened” beings born with knowledge and experience that defy explanation.


Mother Meera: 'All Avatars Are Connected'

Mother Meera Talks, Olten, Switzerland, July 25, 2017


You Are Free! - Mother Meera in Freiburg

Mother Meera Talks in Freiburg, Part II, June 27, 2017.


Who Is Mother Meera?

People talking about their experiences with Mother Meera.


Questions and answers from the Avatar of the Divine Mother, a young Indian woman living in Germany.


Just Do It! - Mother Meera Speaks

She answers questions of volunteers in Munich May 30, 2017. Mother speaks mostly German, with some English interspersed. She answers with simplicity, directness, humor and humility.

Mother Meera—Answers Part II

In Answers Part II we see Her full awareness of the world, Her understanding of the difficulties and sufferings and most practical solutions for the problems of everyday life, of different relationships, family life, work and also the spiritual life.


Express, What You Feel - Mother Meera About Prayer

Q &A with Mother Meera in Freiburg, June 26, 2018