Myokei Caine-Barrett

Myokei Caine-Barrett is a Japanese African American Buddhist bishop; she was the first female priest and only Western woman to be ordained in the Nichiren Order of North America and is the resident priest of Myoken-Ji Temple in Houston. In the Buddhist tradition, she has dedicated her life to service, helping form the Diversity Group in Houston and being active in prison ministry, veteran service, and hospice care.

Forum: Hear Our Voices

Myokei Caine-Barrett, Narayan Helen Liebenson, Rebecca Li, and Myoan Grace Schireson share their experiences and insights into being a female teacher and leader in today’s world.

Nichiren Shonin: A Teacher of Equality

Based on letters Nichiren Shonin wrote to his female followers, Myokei Caine-Barrett explains why the thirteenth-century champion of the Lotus Sutra was a practical feminist.

How Can a Buddhist Strive to “Save All Beings” Without Inflating Their Ego?

Instead of believing we are such great people for helping others, we can thank all beings for allowing us to be of service.


Black & Buddhist in America

Join the conversation with 15 leading African American Buddhist teachers.

Power and Heart: Black and Buddhist in America

At the first-ever gathering of Buddhist teachers of black African descent, held at New York’s Union Theological Seminary, two panels of leading Buddhist teachers took questions about what it means to be a black Buddhist in America today.

Foundations of Nichiren

Myokei Caine-Barrett is the first woman and the first Westerner to hold the position of bishop in the Nichiren Order of North America.

Finding Refuge in Buddhism

Myokei Caine-Barrett talks about her journey to Buddhism

Meet a Teacher: Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin

Buddhist teacher Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin gets personal with the Lion’s Roar readership.

A Right to the Dharma: An Interview with Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin

Myokei Shonin is the first woman of African American and Japanese descent—and the only Western woman—to be ordained as a priest within the worldwide Nichiren Order.

The Great Divide

In the search for diversity, have the meditation-centered traditions been asking the wrong questions? A Nichiren priest weighs in.


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