Nicolai Bachman

Nicolai Bachman, MA, MS, is an American teacher, author, and speaker who specializes in Sanskrit, Ayurveda, chanting, and yoga philosophy. He founded Sanskrit Sounds, an organization dedicated to respectfully preserving and teaching ancient Indian sciences and philosophies recorded in the Sanskrit language.


Nicolai Bachman - Why Is Yoga Important

The Path of the Yoga Sutras with Nicolai Bachman

The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A Practical Guide to the Core of Yoga

One of the great gifts of the yogic path is that it returns us to a life of simplicity, even as we go about our lives in a world of growing complexity. Through practice, we ultimately find the freedom to be who we really are, and allow others do the same.

The Language of Yoga: Complete A-to-Y Guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms, and Chants

An in-depth reference guide to the vast majority of Sanskrit posture names, terms, and chants used in yoga.


Words of the Prophets, Show #120 - Vedic Sanskrit Mantras & Chanting

What is a Mantra? What is a Chant? Are they similar or different? Today's guest, Nicolai Bachman, will answer these questions as well as explaining how old they are and why was it important to achieve the correct pronunciation and tonal marks. Nicolai will also grace us with a demonstration.


Yoga Psychology - Nicolai Bachman - History of Yoga and Therapeutic Applications of the Yoga Sutras


007 Radio - Nicolai Bachman