Noa Kushner

Noa Kushner is an American rabbi, spiritual and community leader, and writer. She is the founder of the Kitchen, a San Francisco religious community focused on creating a fresh approach to Jewish experience and practice in all aspects of life. Her essays appear in theological studies as well as popular media.

The Kitchen: A New Take on Jewish Practice

The idea to create something that filled a gap, that met needs that weren’t being met.


Rabbi Noa Kushner Speaking at S.F. City Hall Anti-Hate Rally

Old Roots, New Branches: Jewish Spiritual Communities and the Rise of Alt-Labor

A growing number of independent, unaffiliated Jewish spiritual communities are sprouting against a backdrop of declining membership in the Conservative and Reform Jewish movements.


Noa Kushner: Working Hard as a Young Woman Rabbi

Rabbi Noa Kushner discusses the difficulty of being a young woman rabbi in a male-dominated environment.

Who by Fire, Who by Water: Un’taneh Tokef

An anthology of essays that trace the history of Un’taneh Tokef, examining its theology, authorship, and poetry, and its call for sanctity, transformation, and renewal.


Light Candles

Light Candles is one of the ten principles of the Sabbath Manifesto. Now that you've unplugged and are embarking on a digital detox, try lighting some candles, too. Rabbi Noa Kushner shows you the way.

All These Vows―Kol Nidre

An anthology of commentaries that explore the history of Kol Nidre, the declaration recited at the outset of Yom Kippur, and examine its theology, usage, and deeply personal impact.

Jersey City

There are surely prescriptions now for advancing the fight against guns as well as thoughtful movements against anti-semitism, and we will join and act and donate. That whether or not we act is no longer an option, not any longer.


Rabbi Sharon Brous with Rabbi Noa Kushner

What happens when two of today’s leading Jewish minds join in conversation? Attend this special event to find out.

We Have Sinned: Sin and Confession in Judaism―Ashamnu and Al Chet

The essays in this anthology focus on the history of confession in Judaism, its roots in the Bible, its evolution in rabbinic and modern thought, and the very nature of confession for men and women today.


Sharon Brous