Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith is an American animal communication specialist who works to foster people’s ability to understand and communicate with animals on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She coined the term “interspecies telepathic communication” and has been at the center of the international community of animal communicators for decades.

Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Animal Talk teaches you how to open the door to your animal friends' hearts and minds without resorting to magic tricks or wishful thinking.

When Animals Speak: Techniques for Bonding With Animal Companions

In this comprehensive follow-up to the widely popular Animal Talk, a respected leader and pioneer in the field of interspecies communication, Penelope Smith, outlines advanced techniques for conversing with animals.

Animals in Spirit: Our Faithful Companions' Transition to the Afterlife

Losing an animal companion can be a painful experience, yet by examining their transition from a spiritual perspective, Animals in Spirit explores the process of dying from the viewpoints of animals and their people.

Sigh like the wind--open your arms, your chest, your heart--and all creatures will hum to you.


The Art of Animal Communication with Penelope Smith on Beyond Words Presents

Penelope Smith is a well-known pioneer in the field of interspecies communication, author of the popular books Animal Talk and When Animals Speak, and editor of the quarterly magazine Species Link. Her visionary work has been featured around the world.

Animal Communication: The Telepathic Connection

In this age of ecological emergency, more people are seeing the need to recognize their connection with all living beings. Communication between humans and animals has taken on a deeper meaning and urgency.


Penelope Smith Speaks with Mother Earth

In this age of ecological emergency, Penelope Smith, founding animal communicator, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit, communicates with Mother Earth and several representative species about humankind’s role on the Earth. Everything is alive.

Ambassadors for the Wild: A Conversation with Penelope Smith

In this conversation, Penelope shares her thoughts on what makes Earthfire unique, and why that’s so important.