Ram Dass on fear

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Ram Dass
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Ram Dass Shares the Antidote to Fear

How can we balance fear with equanimity? Ram Dass shares the antidote to fear, and the ways that we can allow our own humanity in order to extricate ourselves from the web of thought forms that create our own suffering.

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Sitting with Our Fears - Ram Dass

Ram Dass invites us to move toward our fears, sitting with them and slowly softening until we can embrace the things that scare us. Our resistance only exacerbates the fear and through observation we begin to understand its roots. (LA, CA - 1/31/1987)

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Mirabai Bush and Ram Dass on Bringing Fear Close

As long as you think vulnerability is weakness, you’re going to be afraid. Mirabai Bush and Ram Dass on the kind of vulnerability that’s actually strength.

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