Satish Kumar on poverty and economic inequality

Below are the best resources we could find featuring satish kumar about poverty and economic inequality.

Satish Kumar
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Worshipping the Wrong God

The question: What economic system would really benefit humanity?

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Encouragement to Young Activists - on Anger, Love and Grief with Satish Kumar| Lh, Nov 2020

Br Phap Lai interviews Satish Kumar. In this clip, Satish shares his insights on acting from anger or from love, healthy grieving for Mother Earth, and his vision for the way forward in these times of climate change.

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Ecoresolution in Conversation with Satish Kumar | Renaissance Foundation Youth Peace Summit 2020

This talk was recorded as part of our Youth Peace Summit 2020. Satish Kumar is an Indian British activist and speaker. He has been a Jain monk, nuclear disarmament advocate and pacifist. He walked 8,000 miles in 2 years, a venture he describes as a celebration of his love of life and nature.

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