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Sharon Brous
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Climate Change Threatens All We Love - Rabbi Sharon Brous - Nrdc

Rabbi Brous: "Everyone's heard about climate change. But sometimes seeing is believing. With superstorms on the East Coast, drought across the Midwest, fires in California. It's happening across every continent.

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We Need to Talk: The Link Between Sexual Violence and Gun Violence

Perhaps the proximity of these two horrifying American tragedies will finally be a wake-up call for our soul-weary nation.

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Rabbi Sharon Brous - IKAR Rosh Hashanah Sermon 5779 // 2018

BUILDING A NEW AMERICA - These are trying times, but we must not let exhaustion or cynicism dull our senses. Our history has taught us: either you work to dismantle oppressive systems, or your inaction becomes the mortar that sustains them.

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