Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is an American author and meditation teacher. She is cofounder of Insight Meditation Society, in Barre, Massachusetts, with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein, and the host of the podcast The Metta Hour.


How Mindfulness Empowers Us: An Animation Narrated by Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness allows us to see our thoughts and feelings as they really are, freeing us from old ways of thinking.

Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

We all yearn for connection, yet often feel trapped by our sense of isolation, anger, envy, and other forms of aversion. Ultimately, our minds get in the way of this yearning, as we spin stories and assumptions around in our heads that keep us feeling alienated from one another.

There Is Always Trauma in the Room

I’ve done a little bit of work with soldiers returning from Iraq and have worked with domestic violence shelter workers on issues of vicarious trauma.

Ep. 23 Cultivating Confidence With Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg joins Ethan Nichtern for an exploration of the ways we can develop our confidence through the practices of mindfulness and meditation.


An Introduction to Lovingkindness Meditation from Sharon Salzberg and 10% Nicer

You can be brilliant and courageous, and kind and generous-In fact, you're more likely to succeed if you practice compassion.

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

In this beautifully written work, one of America's most beloved meditation teachers offers discerning wisdom on understanding faith as a healing quality.

The Issue of Faith in a Non-Theistic Religion

What does faith mean to a Buddhist? Zen teacher Norman Fischer talks with Sharon Salzberg about the conclusions she draws in her new book, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience.

Ep. 11 The Three Levels of Real Change With Sharon Salzberg

Ethan rings in the New Year with old friend and colleague Sharon Salzberg, together they look at the three levels of spiritual practice that allow us to effect real change in the world.


Grand Central Station - Street Lovingkindness with Sharon Salzberg

Sharon takes us to Grand Central Station in the heart of NYC for the first STREET LOVINGKINDNESS VIDEO SERIES. Explore a new way to interact with the world around you by expanding your circle of kindness.

The Kindness Handbook: A Practical Companion

A friend criticizes you. You grow impatient with someone you’re trying to help. A cell phone user annoys you on a train.


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