Shauna Shapiro on neuroplasticity

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The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonsquare

How do we change? In this pioneering talk, Dr. Shauna Shapiro draws on modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how mindfulness can help us make positive changes in our brains and our lives.

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Good Morning, I Love You: Mindfulness + Self-Compassion Practices to Rewire Your Brain for Calm, Clarity + Joy

Many of us yearn to feel a greater sense of inner calm, ease, joy, and purpose. We have tried meditation and found it too difficult. We judge ourselves for being no good at emptying our minds (as if one ever could) or compare ourselves with yogis who seem to have it all together.

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Shauna Shapiro: Mindfulness Meditation and the Brain

Psychologist, researcher, and mindfulness teacher Shauna Shapiro talks about the encouraging research behind meditation and its potential to change the makeup of our brains and our level of happiness.

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