Sister Jenna on spiritual development

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Meditation Monday - Meditation on Truth with Sister Jenna

Join Sister Jenna for a special talk along with meditations and the practice of “Drishti.” During Raja Yoga meditation by the Brahma Kumaris, “Dhristi” is a technique which is used to help one focus on the vision of the soul while absorbing and sending God's vibrations to another.

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Experiencing God Meditation with Sister Jenna

As we shelter in place during these challenging and uncertain times, many are turning to prayer, meditation and spirituality for answers and comfort and many are calling out to God.

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Fall in Love with Life Again with Sister Jenna

Remember when each day was an adventure. Where did that feeling go and how can we get it back? Tapping into the Divine and experiencing an unconditional energy of pure love, peace, and joy, without judgment or discrimination is truly transformative.

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