Thomas Amelio

Thomas Amelio is an American contemplative education leader, teacher, and facilitator. He cofounded the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and founded his business, Contemplative Solutions.


"So Hum" Meditation by Thomas Amelio


Thomas Amelio - Sound Meditation

In this short video, Thomas Amelio leads us on a sacred meditation using the mantra Ram to open our heart and balance our emotions.


Thomas Amelio

New Year’s Spiritual Renewal: Making Resolutions vs. Transforming Our Identity

What are the “spiritual” approaches to change that go deeper—and are far more successful—than the mere making of resolutions?


Open Center Live with Thomas Amelio

We’re going live today! Today we are speaking with Thomas Amelio on the Alchemy of the Chakras.

How to Meditate with Mantras

Many attendees were sitting cross-legged on the floor in meditation mode when I arrived to a presentation on sound meditation at the Open Center in midtown Manhattan. Soothing, hypnotic music that seemed to come straight from someone’s soul filled the room.