Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is an American Jungian psychotherapist, former monk, and bestselling author of Care of the Soul. Moore is known for his lectures and writings on spirituality and well-being.


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While Thomas Moore is known by many as a prominent religious scholar, he has also been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 30 years.

Dark Night of the Soul

While imprisoned in a tiny prison cell for his attempts to reform the Church, sixteenth-century Spanish mystic John of the Cross composed many of his now classic poems of the soul’s longing for God.

Yoga and Tea

My rule for spiritual practice is simple: You can go as high as you want in your yearning for perfection, as long as you have an equally deep base on the ordinary comforts of everyday life.

Disappointments in love, even betrayals and losses, serve the soul at the very moment they seem in life to be tragedies. The soul is partly in time and partly in eternity. We might remember the part that resides in eternity when we feel despair over the part that is in life.


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Thomas Moore has spent decades searching for the answers to big questions. The respected scholar lived for 13 years as a Roman Catholic monk, earned a doctorate in religious studies and published 16 books on related topics.

The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

Starting from the premise that we can no longer afford to live in a disenchanted world, Moore shows that a profound, enchanted engagement with life is not a childish thing to be put away with adulthood, but a necessity for one's personal and collective survival.

Are You the Author of Your Life’s Story?

Each of us has the challenge and the opportunity to create a new way of being human. We grow ourselves. Along the way, we may listen closely to someone we respect and admire and give that person a key role in our creative process.

We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.

A Life at Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born to Do

In A Life’s Work, Moore turns to an aspect of our lives that looms large in our self-regard, an aspect by which we may even define ourselves—our work. The workplace, Moore knows, is a laboratory where matters of the soul are worked out.

Master of Soul: An Interview with Thomas Moore

The renowned Jungian talks about the art of soul making in everyday.