Woman Stands Shining on indigenous well being

Below are the best resources we could find featuring woman stands shining about indigenous well being.

Woman Stands Shining
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The Principle of Thriving Life ~ 2021 Initiation Portal ~ Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe)

This video is one of over 30 extraordinary workshops & musical performances in the 2021 Initiation Portal Global Festival.

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Liminal Village 2018: Woman Stands Shining

What happens when the truth is spoken again, when the lies that have been informing and deforming western culture are revealed so that the beauty and harmony of creation can stand shining again? In this keynote presentation, Pat McCabe guides us through the rediscovery of the “old story”, the...

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Pat McCabe: Thriving Life—Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Talk given by Pat McCabe at the Advaya event Regenerative Activism: Revitalising Self and Society, April 2017.

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