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Growing Your Spirit

Our hearts tell us there’s something more.

More than the daily grind—get up, eat, work, eat, put the kids to bed, sleep, do it again, day after day. We have an inner voice, a spirit that pulls. Elizabeth Lesser calls spirituality “a longing to find out ‘what does it all mean?’ What do I make of the invisible forces within me; how do I satisfy the internal desire to connect to something bigger?” Often, life changes—job loss, accidents, divorce, meeting an utterly inspiring person, moving to a new place—will spark the impulse to ask ourselves these questions and open our ears to the voice that has always been inside. The theme of Growing Your Spirit collects topics that set aside cynicism to explore spiritual awakening and how to handle this new-found energy, examine how that energy binds us to one another, and offer exercises for expanding openness.


Making a Difference