“But is there something I can do?” is often the question we ask when looking for societal relief, change, or reform. Activism and service—or the practice of taking action to bring about political or social change for a perceived greater good—seeks to answer that question. Activism is the choice to work to change social norms and practices that are systemically oppressing, suppressing, or harming a population or place. Activism can be a singular or collective action, expressed in many different ways, whether through art, demonstration, or preferential patronage. Service is the voluntary use of our own time, energy, and efforts to attempt to ease the suffering of or heal the harm done to others, in order to build a more cohesive and vibrant community. Life is continuously evolving, and the twists and turns of history have been and will continue to be ushered in by the activism of those seeking change.

10 Ways to Become a Sacred Activist

With so many crises facing our planet many of us feel discouraged about whether we can make a difference. Try author Andrew Harvey's simple steps to create compassionate peace in you and the world.

Soul Man

Satish Kumar has spent much of his life walking the Earth to spiritually connect with nature; now he wants environmentalists and all of us to forget gloomy predictions and follow in his footsteps. John Vidal reports

So Others May Live

The real, profound worth of life is revealed when one’s life is dedicated to the well-being of humanity.

Who Owns the Land?

No one disputes that decades ago local Indians were unfairly deprived of hundreds of thousands of acres that were guaranteed to them in perpetuity by solemn treaty; yet no one can agree about what should be done to correct that injustice today.

You’re Ready Enough

Wherever you find yourself, says Pema Khandro, that’s the starting point of the bodhisattva path—all you need to do is take that first step.

Satish Kumar—Peace Activist

Satish Kumar is a peace activist, former monk, author and Editor Emeritus at The Resurgence Trust.

Scenes from a Spiritual Journey

To heal the deep wounds of racism, Jan Willis turned to Buddhism and is now cited by Time magazine as one of America’s spiritual leaders. David Pesci talked with her about her journey from the crushing injustices of life in the Jim Crow South to the thin air of the shrine called Swayambhu.

Protest Is My Spiritual Practice

Lama Rod Owens says protesting is a spiritual act that engages the practitioner’s body, speech, and mind in service to others. But many Buddhists are resistant to resistance.

American Democracy Cannot Breathe

Yes, we must radically transform policing in America. But we cannot stop there. We must transform the pervasive systems of economic and carceral injustice that are choking our common life.

“We Need to Change the System”

I don’t like it when people say one thing and then do something else. That’s the case with the climate crisis. People say: “This is the most important issue of all,” and carry on as they did before - Greta Thunberg


Social Justice