“But is there something I can do?” is often the question we ask when looking for societal relief, change, or reform. Activism and service—or the practice of taking action to bring about political or social change for a perceived greater good—seeks to answer that question. Activism is the choice to work to change social norms and practices that are systemically oppressing, suppressing, or harming a population or place. Activism can be a singular or collective action, expressed in many different ways, whether through art, demonstration, or preferential patronage. Service is the voluntary use of our own time, energy, and efforts to attempt to ease the suffering of or heal the harm done to others, in order to build a more cohesive and vibrant community. Life is continuously evolving, and the twists and turns of history have been and will continue to be ushered in by the activism of those seeking change.


The Hope of America's Possibility, with Rev. William J. Barber II | #Obconf2019

Rev. William J.


Full Spectrum Leadership for Engaged Action (Nina Simons, Bioneers)

Leadership and women's issues define the primary current interests of Nina Simons. In her writings and teaching, she establishes a close relationship between the two interests.


Joanna Macy on the Great Turning

Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy from "The Work That Reconnects", talking about the concept of a Great Turning.


Chelsey Luger Speaks at the Womxn's March at the Arizona State Capitol

Well For Culture Co-Founder Chelsey Luger speaks on behalf of Indigenous Womxn during the Womxn's March at the Arizona State Capitol.


Satish Kumar - Peace Activist, Environmentalist & Now Trustee on Values

Satish Kumar shares his three top values for WorldValuesDay.


Activism, Deep Ecology & the Gaian Era—Lynn Margulis, Stephen Buhner and John Seed

Lynn Margulis, Stephen Buhner and John Seed speak to a crowd at Amherst College in 2005.


Encouragement to Young Activists - on Anger, Love and Grief with Satish Kumar| Lh, Nov 2020

Br Phap Lai interviews Satish Kumar. In this clip, Satish shares his insights on acting from anger or from love, healthy grieving for Mother Earth, and his vision for the way forward in these times of climate change.


Interview with Mona Polacca and Jose Stevens, PhD

Jose Stevens interviews 2018 Eagle Feather Recipient, Mona Polacca.


Onehome Feat. Satish Kumar "One Earth"

Today, peace and environmental activist Satish Kumar declares his love to Mother Earth on OneHome to celebrate World Environment Day.


We Are Weavers of Life - Joanna Macy

Teacher, author and Buddhist scholar Joana Macy advocates for confronting the destructive force of nuclear weapons with the binding force of informed collective action. She was a featured speaker at the Aug.


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