“But is there something I can do?” is often the question we ask when looking for societal relief, change, or reform. Activism and service—or the practice of taking action to bring about political or social change for a perceived greater good—seeks to answer that question. Activism is the choice to work to change social norms and practices that are systemically oppressing, suppressing, or harming a population or place. Activism can be a singular or collective action, expressed in many different ways, whether through art, demonstration, or preferential patronage. Service is the voluntary use of our own time, energy, and efforts to attempt to ease the suffering of or heal the harm done to others, in order to build a more cohesive and vibrant community. Life is continuously evolving, and the twists and turns of history have been and will continue to be ushered in by the activism of those seeking change.


Sharon Brous: Beginning IKAR in Los Angeles

Friends just wanted a way to prepare their kids for bar and bat mitzvahs. Rabbi Sharon Brous made a revolutionary counteroffer.


Wsf Valarie Kaur

Women of Spirit and member Faith Valerie Kaur shares her Sikh faith and heritage and her commitment to social justice.


Realising Gender Equality in Islamic Marriages | Sherin Khankan | TEDxMünster

As the first female Imam in Denmark Sherin Kankan knows what it’s like to fight against and overcome prejudice. Women must be given the means to realize their fundamental right to equality.


Exclusive Interview with Sherin Khankan on Denmark's First Female Run Mosque produces this interview with Sherin Khankan.


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Sherin Khankan is Denmark's first female imam and founder of the first mosque for women in Europe.


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