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Jonathan Legg Does Foot Reflexology—Road Less Traveled Season 2 with Jonathan Legg

Jonathan Legg from Road Less Traveled goes to the best massage therapy school in Bangkok, Thailand - Phusapa Thai Massage school. After a quick run down on Thai Massages, Jonathan is offered to find out about the condition of his internal organs, simply by allowing his feet to be touched!

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Ear Reflexology: Experience Relaxation

Watch as Board Certified Reflexologist Richard Randig mesmerizes us in this amazing inside video about Ear Reflexology, what it is and how it works!

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Reflexology: Tops and Sides of the Foot

SNU Therapist Crystal completes her Reflexology series with trigger points found on the top, inside and outer sides of the foot. This form of therapy won't only help you relieve pain/soreness, it's relaxing and non-invasive.

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