Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery refers to the ongoing, lifelong process of maintaining sobriety. Unlike with many other diseases, recovery from addiction will never be complete or finished. It is a lifelong process of facing the stressors and stimuli that led us toward addiction in the first place while navigating new challenges with a body that still remembers its old, harmful habits. When we struggle or relapse we may feel that all the hard work we’ve put in is lost, but even if we go three steps forward and two steps back, we still have taken five steps, and each of those steps means we are alive and trying move forward. Many people have struggled in this path, and their shared wisdom has produced different ways of moving through the world while in addiction recovery.

If you or someone you know is in immediate need of support, please seek professional help. If you are in crisis, here are some immediate free resources.

A Hole in the Sidewalk: The Recovering Person's Guide to Relapse Prevention

Claudia Black's seminal relapse prevention workbook has been revised and updated! People in recovery from addiction need to be award of the potential for setback and the range of challenges that can, and often do, lead to relapse. To assume or simply hope it will not occur is denial.

Sex in Recovery: A Meeting Between the Covers

If sobriety and the start of your recovery journey coincided with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, you're experiencing "sober firsts" in a whole new world. This book offers a candid and compassionate invitation to the tender territory of sober sexuality.

Deceived: Facing the Trauma of Sexual Betrayal

Claudia Black's updated bestselling primer for women whose partners are acting out sexually. Multiple affairs, compulsive pornography, prostitutes, and voyeurism—no matter their “drug” of choice, men who act out sexually leave their partners reeling in fear, rage, shame, and isolation.

Unspoken Legacy: Addressing the Impact of Trauma and Addiction within the Family

A far-ranging examination of how the effects of addiction and trauma in the family can reverberate for generations. Trauma and addictive disorders are often a result of psychological injuries experienced as a child.

Healing the Shame that Binds You

Shame is the motivator behind our toxic behaviors: the compulsion, co-dependency, addiction and drive to superachieve that breaks down the family and destroys personal lives.

Changing Course: Healing from Loss, Abandonment, and Fear

In Changing Course, the best-selling sequel to It Will Never Happen to Me, Claudia Black extends a helping hand to individuals working their way through the painful experience of being raised with addiction.

The Truth Begins with You: Reflections to Heal Your Spirit

An inspiring collection of healing messages offering comfort, encouragement, serenity and hope to anyone who has survived a painful childhood or traumatic event in their lives, including addiction, whether their own or that of a loved one.

Intimate Treason: Healing the Trauma for Partners Confronting Sex Addiction

A self-help manual for partners affected by sex addiction Those who act out sexually, whether through pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, voyeurism, and/or multiple affairs, leave their partners reeling in rage, incredible shame, and isolation.

Emperor of All Maladies, Epigenetics Revolution and The Gene 3 Books Collection Set

Epigenetics can potentially revolutionize our understanding of the structure and behavior of biological life on Earth. It explains why mapping an organism's genetic code is not enough to determine how it develops or acts and shows how nurture combines with nature to engineer biological diversity.

No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model

Dr. Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) model has been transforming psychology for decades. IFS has been effective in areas such as trauma recovery, addiction therapy, and depression treatment and has the potential to radically change our lives. Foreword by Alanis Morissette.


The information offered here is not a substitute for professional advice. Please proceed with care and caution.