Addiction is a strong physical and psychological attachment to a behavioral pattern that leads to unhealthy consequences and a disrupted life. Addictions can be focused on many different stimuli, such as substances, money, technology, specific activities, or other people: the similarity lies in that the original attachment provided relief for a particular stressor or imbalance in one’s life, but the reliance on the relief has actually deepened the imbalance. Addictions wreak physical, emotional, psychological, and financial havoc in the lives of those of us who suffer from it, and in the lives of our friends and families. Addiction is a serious condition and typically requires clinical intervention to assist in a rebalancing of behavior, attention, and biochemistry, but while addiction is increasingly seen as a brain disease, it is still heavily stigmatized as a moral failing, making it difficult for many to admit that they need help to heal.

If you or someone you know is in immediate need of support, please seek professional help. If you are in crisis, here are some immediate free resources.


A Native American Tribe Is Using Traditional Culture to Fight Addiction

A year and half ago, Gabe Stewart stood in tribal court pleading guilty to felony charges because he stole money from his family to support his opioid addiction. In January, his community honored him for overcoming addiction and watched as his case was dismissed entirely.


Inner Child Healing for Love Addiction, Codependency + Codependent Relationships | Wu Wei Wisdom

Episode #42 of our 'Walk the Wu Wei' teaching series - watch Taoist monk and therapist, David James Lees, and life coach, Alexandra Lees, as they share their essential life lessons live and unscripted.


Addiction Recovery