Affirmations & cross cultural dynamics

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Global Citizenship: Exposure and Perspective of Third Culture Kids Featuring Nneke Julia, Writer, Photographer and Storyteller

In our chat, we talk about what it’s like being Third Culture Kids, how that translates into our experiences in the United States and abroad, and how the black experience takes shape in different global contexts.

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Journey to Joy: Self-Trust, Wellness and Spirituality Ft Alex Elle, Author, Wellness Consultant

Alex Elle is an author, poet and wellness consultant who specializes in self-care. In this episode, I chat with Alex about putting self and self-trust first, so that we can stay close to our truth as we author our lives.

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Biraciality: Betweenness and Feeling More Than Enough Featuring Elaine Welteroth, New York Times Bestseller

Elaine Welteroth is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist and judge on Project Runway. Today we’re talking about the spectrum of betweenness, navigating both black and white worlds, and how that journey has laid the foundation for her identity, community and life’s work.

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