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Is There Life After Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA

Does some aspect of our personality survive bodily death? Long a philosophical and theological question, in the 20th century this became the subject of scientific research.

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Is There Life After Death? Moderated by John Cleese—2018 Tom Tom Festival

The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies research portfolio includes investigating children who have memories of past lives; the nature of consciousness and the mind-body relationship; neuro-imaging studies of psi events; and individuals who report experiencing near-death...

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The Nature of Auras—Swedenborg and Life

In this episode, host Curtis Childs guides us through 18th-century spiritual philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg’s written records about his explorations of the afterlife to see what they say about auras, and more specifically, what they reveal and how we can cultivate positive auras within ourselves.

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Death and Dying