Anger is a strong emotion triggered by a gap between one’s expectations and the reality of one’s circumstances. Unlike mere frustration, there is usually an element of perceived unfairness, or an unwillingness to accept the circumstances as reasonable or right. Because most of us experience physiological effects of anger—such as an increased heart rate or surge of adrenaline—it suddenly becomes easier to behave in ways we normally wouldn’t, such as raising our voices, slamming doors, or provoking others into a confrontation. Because of this tendency, anger is often labeled as a “bad” or “negative” emotion, but the truth is, emotions are neither good nor bad—they’re just feelings, and trying to deny or suppress any feeling is harmful to our well-being. When handled intentionally, anger can be a source of positive energy and a force for constructive action and change.


Healing the Millennial Wound - Helping Generation Y

The millennial generation or so-called 'generation why' is a game-changer generation. However, to get to the place where the game is changed, the existing rules of the game had to have proved to be detrimental.


Robert Augustus Masters - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D., is the author of 11 books (including Transformation Through Intimacy and Spiritual Bypassing), a relationship expert, a spiritual teacher, and a highly experienced psychotherapist (and trainer of psychotherapists) with a doctorate in Psychology.


Anger Management