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Microglia: A New Target in the Brain for Depression, Alzheimer’s, and More?

As a science journalist whose niche spans neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion, I knew at the time that it didn’t make scientific sense that inflammation in the body could be connected to — much less cause — illness in the brain.

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How ‘Brain Hacking’ Could Help Fight Alzheimer’s, Depression and More

Millions suffer from conditions without known causes. Some contend with constant pain, many live with unrelenting mental anguish. None of them know why.

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What Is Inflammation? Everything You Need to Know and How to Reduce It

You may not be able to see it happening, but inflammation is the body’s interior defense mechanism toward anything going wrong, like illness or injury—it occurs with anything from a bruised elbow to an aggravated gut barrier. The catch? Inflammation can be both good and bad.

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