Autoimmune Disease

The body’s immune system is a formidable network that helps us fight off viruses, bacteria, and infection. Unfortunately, it can make mistakes that have long-lasting impacts. Autoimmune diseases are abnormal immune responses in which the immune cells begin to attack healthy cells in the body. While the direct causes for most autoimmune diseases are not known, there are several risk factors, including genetics and smoking, that can predispose someone toward developing such a condition. Many autoimmune conditions are “invisible disabilities,” meaning that you can appear healthy to others, who may unknowingly hold expectations around mobility, social interactions, or availability that are difficult to live up to. However, learning to live with compassion for a body that seems like it’s betrayed you is often the first step in living vibrantly with an autoimmune condition.


5 Strategies to Heal Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Dr David Jockers goes over 5 key strategies to heal autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.


10 Keys to Conquer Crohn’s and Colitis

In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Jordan Rubin shares his journey with Crohn’s disease and the top natural remedies to help conquer Crohn’s and colitis, including essential oils, supplements, herbs, spices and foods to eat and avoid.


Dr Will Cole - A Ketogenic Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmune Inflammation and Gut Problems

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