Awareness is an aspect of consciousness where we can witness ourselves, our surroundings, and circumstances clearly, as if we turned on a bright light and noticed things from an outside perspective. Whether part of our emotional, physical, or social awareness, we actively pick up cues from our environment that inform our thoughts and actions. We can train our brains to be more open and intentional in looking for and evaluating these cues—whether through meditation or mindfulness, journaling, or other techniques—in order to help us make more informed choices.


Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix - Tasha Eurich - TEDxMileHigh

Self-awareness has countless proven benefits - stronger relationships, higher performance, more effective leadership.


What Everyone Gets Wrong About Anxiety


Life After Awareness | Do You Let the Universe Take Control?

Once you become aware, do you have to have a plan of where you are going or do you leave that up to the universe? Eckhart discusses life after awareness and how the creative impulse of the universe works through us to manifest the world we see.


The Dark Night of the Soul

A short clip of Eckhart Tolle discussing the Impersonal Nature of Awareness in Santa Barbara for Eckhart Tolle TV. This clip is a conversation between Eckhart & Chris Hebard.


Two Kinds of Awareness

In this short teaching, Mingyur Rinpoche discusses the difference between normal awareness and meditative awareness. As he explains, we can cultivate meditative awareness by using every aspect of our experience as a support for awareness, even painful feelings and challenging emotions.


Difference Between Alertness & Awareness - Sadhguru

Are alertness and awareness the same? Sadhguru clarifies that attention is a psychological process, while awareness is an existential dimension. He speaks about coming awake on higher dimensions and deepening the penetration of our perception.


The Evolution of Awareness: A Conversation with Neale Donald Walsch

A moving dialogue on topics including Neale Donald Walsch's personal story, his creative process, the challenge of staying spiritually awake in daily living, and more.


Adyashanti - Rest as Awareness

In this simple yet profound satsang, Adyashanti reveals the heart of the teaching-what it means to rest as awareness.


On Consciousness: A Dialogue with Peter Russell

Physicist and author Peter Russell joins Eckhart Tolle in a fascinating dialogue about the nature of consciousness.


The Answer is Awareness - Bob Proctor

Have you any idea the number of people that are in a prison of their own making and don't even know it? You know people like that, they live in a tiny little place. Good information is given to them, they seem to reject it. I don't think mentally, they just outright reject it, they just don't do it.


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