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How to Go Beyond Diversity and Inclusion to Community and Belonging | E'Ula Green | TEDxOU

Do you ever wonder if people who “have it all together” really know what they’re doing? Could it be they’ve just become experts at pushing through ambiguity? Through personal experience and interviews with a few leaders at the height of their careers, this talk issues both a...

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The Power of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Let’s help people believe in their strengths and be able to fly . . . Kate Gilbert (Workplace Strategy Coach and Trainer), Liam Pettit (Matchware) and our own texthelpers share their perspectives on neurodiversity in the workplace and explain why you need neurodiverse people on board.

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What Is Neurodiversity?

Counselling Psychologist Stephen Munt introduces us to Neurodiversity supported by client insights. We also hear from an individual who has faced and overcome challenges with her Neurodiversity and differences.

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