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Adopting a Child of a Different Race? Let’s Talk | Susan Devan Harness | TEDxMileHigh

Every year, thousands of children are adopted by parents of a different race—what we call “transracial adoption.” It can provide tremendous benefits, like a higher quality of living & a better education—but a significant psychological toll, too.

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Nurturing Resilience & Joy in/among Young BIPOC Children, Part 1, Parents & Caregivers

Part 1: Focus on Parents & Caregivers (This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)

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Multicultural Parent Panels 2 : Raising Children in a Diverse World

Multicultural Parent Panels help families appreciate the benefits of diversity. Panels explore how to reach out to neighbors of differing backgrounds and how to raise children who value both their own cultures and the cultures of others.

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