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Short Films About Mental Health—Neurodiversity

Short Films About Mental Health is a series of videos made with young people who use mental health services at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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Dr. David Spiegel: How Your Friends Help You Live Longer

In this clip taken from the full interview for the feature documentary 'The Connection,' mind body expert Dr. David Spiegel elaborates on the power of group support and why your friends and family help you live longer.

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Gordon Neufeld: Making Sense of Anxiety in Children and Youth

Dr. Gordon Neufeld speaks at The Dalai Lama Center about Anxiety in Children and Youth.

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What Is Neurodiversity?

Counselling Psychologist Stephen Munt introduces us to Neurodiversity supported by client insights. We also hear from an individual who has faced and overcome challenges with her Neurodiversity and differences.

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